Pilar García-Gómez
Associate Professor at the Erasmus School of Economics


Here you can find a sample of my recent research and publications. You can find the complete list in my Vita


Recent working papers:

García-Gómez P, Hernández-Quevedo C, Jiménez-Rubio D and Oliva O (2014) Inequity in long-term care use and unmet need: two sides of the same coin

García-Gómez P, Jiménez-Martín S and Vall Castelló J (2013) Financial incentives, health and retirement in Spain

García-Gómez P, Schokkaert E, Van Ourti T and Bago d'Uva T (2012) Inequity in the face of death

Puig-Junoy J, García-Gómez P, Casado-Marin D (2011) Free Medicines thanks to Retirement: Moral Hazard and Hospitalization Offsets in an NHS


Recent (selected) publications:

García-Gómez P, van Kippersluis H, O´Donnell O and van Doorslaer E (2013) Long-Term and Spillover Effects of Health Shocks on Employment and Income. Journal of Human Resources, 48(4): 873-909

García-Gómez P, Schokkaert E and van Ourti T (2013) Reference value sensitivity of measures of unfair health inequality . Research on Economic Inequality, 21: 157-192

García-Gómez P, Jiménez-Martín S and Vall Castelló J (2012) Health, disability and pathways into retirement in Spain. In Social Security Programs around the World: Historical Trends in Mortality and Health, Employment, and Disability Insurance Participation and Reform. DA Wise, ed. University of
Chicago Press.

Luczak J and García-Gómez P (2012) Financial burden of drug expenditures in Poland. Health Policy, 105: 256-264

García-Gómez P (2011) Institutions, health shocks and labour market outcomes across Europe. Journal of Health Economics, 30: 200-213

García-Gómez P, Jones AM and Rice N (2010) Health effects on labour market exits and entries. Labour Economics, 17: 62-76